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This gallery contains pictures of Bournemouth's annual Pride Parade. This year the parade gathered at the end of the East Cliff passing Bournemouth's Cliff top hotels, into the town centre passing the Pavillion theatre, crossing the pedestrianised shopping area passing behind Bournemouth's local rag the Evening Echo and snaking on to pass the Council offices (flying a rainbow flag !) and through the main centre of town finally reaching the triangle (home of the nights outstanding entertainment) see the gallery Bourne Free Party Night for all the action.
Bourne Free Parade 2011-1Bourne Free Parade 2011-2Bourne Free Parade 2011-3Bourne Free Parade 2011-4Bourne Free Parade 2011-5Bourne Free Parade 2011-6Bourne Free Parade 2011-7Bourne Free Parade 2011-8Bourne Free Parade 2011-9Bourne Free Parade 2011-10Bourne Free Parade 2011-11Bourne Free Parade 2011-12Bourne Free Parade 2011-13Bourne Free Parade 2011-14Bourne Free Parade 2011-15Bourne Free Parade 2011-16Bourne Free Parade 2011-17Bourne Free Parade 2011-18Bourne Free Parade 2011-19Bourne Free Parade 2011-20

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